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Here is a list of magazines, features and credits associated with Plus Model Dionne Reeves. 

Queen Size Magazine

Dionne dawned the August 2014 Issue cover of one of the industries greatest magazines, Queen Size Magazine. This feature discussed her foundation of Full Figured Fierce and her models, The Runway Killers. It also talks about her greatest inspiration, her father. 

Dionne appears as an extra in the upcoming acapella musical film, HOUSE SLAVE. Directed by Prince Domonick. Starring Amber Bullock, winner of BET'S Sunday's Best and Robbie Pressley of the group Committed of NBC's Sing off. 

Dionne will be speaking in Atlanta, Georgia on Aug. 16, 2014 at the Annual Plus Summit. Her topic will be Learning to LOVE yourself.. maybe even for the First time.  She will also discuss the workshop of Full Figured Fierce. 

Curvy Connect Magazine

Dionne is featured in the PREMIERE August Issue of Curvy Connect Magazine. 

Trendsetter II Trendsetter 
"How to Love a Thick Woman " ~Khari
Josie Wachi Self Mastery with Dionne Reeves- Grubbs Interview
The EoP with Ellen Gee Interview
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